coconut rose + calendula milk bath

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c o c o n u t  r o s e  +  c a l e n d u l a   botanical milk bath

New now comes in refillable glass jars and 50mls more!

A botanical milk bath with blended coconut oil and coconut milk promotes hydration to soften and smooth skin, leaving it feel silky and soft. Sea salt and magnesium are rich in minerals and help to ease muscle tension. Dried organic calendula flower and rose petals give a luxurious feel to the bath with enchanting scents of rose geranium essential oil help to balance and bring a sense of calm.
unwind + relax with this botanical bath milk soak.


Suitable for all skin types. Vegan Friendly
Not suitable for pregnant or lactating (due to use with essential oils). 
Key Ingredients:
Coconut oil, the fatty acids in coconut provide intense hydration to the skin without stripping away natural skin oils, making skin feel soft and smooth. Moisturising enough to soothe the driest of skin, while gentle enough for sensitive skin types.
Coconut Milk Powder is nourishing and very moisturizing, softens skin, has anti inflammatory properties and is very soothing to irritated and red skin. Rich in vitamins A, B6, C & E, iron & magnesium that are known to be good for the skin and fights premature aging. The natural fatty acids help treat dry, irritated skin and remove harmful bacteria.
Sea salt is packed with healthy skin-friendly minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium, which is exactly what makes it so beneficial to various skin conditions. It absorbs the toxins in the body and on the skin, including acne-causing bacteria, and works to treat infections and encourage the healing process.
Sea Salt*, Magnesium sulfate (epsom salt)*, Coconut Milk Powder Organic*, Cocos nucifera (coconut oil)*, Pelargonium roseum (rose geranium) essential oil*, Rosa centifolia (red rose petals) Calendula officinalis (calendula flower / *certified organic