3pk Soap on a rope

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h o n e y  o a t   soap on a rope
Hand poured goats milk soap with added honey + oat.
With the added benefits of our key ingredients  this soap will leave your skin feeling fresh and clean. A delicate scent of milk and honey leaves a soft and subtle scent on the skin.  Note: if you would prefer no fragrance please leave a note in checkout and I can make an unscented soap base. 
Free of parabens, mineral oil, palm oil + colouring .


p i n k  c l a y  +  s e a  s a l t   soap on a rope
Hand poured almond milk soap with pink clay and himalayan salt, scented with grapefruit pure essential oil, this soap has amazing purifying qualities as well as enriching the skin with hydration.
Almond soap base contains all natural, non-harmful ingredients. It softens and soothes the skin and effect for protecting irritated chapped skin, Our almond soap is vegan friendly it doesn't contain any animal fats or palm oil.  (Note: Not suitable for pregnant or lactating woman with use of essential oils please leave a note in checkout and I can make an unscented soap base.
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